Why i quit my shitty job


Sometimes all it takes is terrible co-worker to push you to the door. Why deal
with someone who’s demanding, incompetent, miserable,tribal, selfish, immature, a straight dick or controlling every single day? Unless you’re certain that this boss is going to be leaving soon, perhaps you should begin searching for a new gig.

I woke up one day and said that, this must end. living a miserable life in the name of employment. i decided to call it a quit rather quit than get fired. I packed my stuff only not to return to that shitty office.

After i quit life is getting better, things are getting good and am getting wiser i realized i have been a sitting duck for the last 4 years in that company which had no growth, no medical cover, no pension scheme. you are just a slave, you wake up every day go to that office and at the end of the day you are getting nothing you cant even afford a descent living.


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