Rougue Agency that uses the same Idea

Faiba Ad Faiba Ad2

Safaricom and Faiba

So i was looking at this two brands and i came across this, did they hire a daft Agency to do this or was it done to confuse the clients. Safaricom has the brand power but itself its not a brand. Faiba its a brand from Jamii Telecom. Jamii Telecom came up with a good strategy to come up with an animation Ad that good very good reviews and ratings which led to Safaricom doing the “Mazigwembe” animation ad which was like 20% of the 70% ratings of Jamii Telecom.

Pwani Oils

I like the way they do their adverts on the beach with very beautiful families and with a lot of lies in them. The next time we bump into such an advert from that region with the same product we will see the same script.

OMO and Ariel Washing powder

Omo is a washing powder from one of the leading brands from Unilever it has been there for like 50 years and Ariel Washing Powder is from a UK Company it first went in market in 1967. Ariel came up with a million dollar idea that left all the other brands washed out, which prompted OMO of Unilever going to the court to block the advert from being aired on TV.

The same same OMO  went and did the same script as that one of Ariel and its being aired the same time as that. I think what OMO wanted was the prime time that they were never given.

Ariel came up with this advert of the woman selling juice in a juice bar, which in other words got a good viewership, OMO did the same with this Lady attending a graduation event for his Kid.


In summary some of the Adverts that Don’t make sense.

1.Trust Condom

The advert lacks concept, it doesn’t look like a condom advert that lady with a “Spalding Basketball” one she advertising the wrong thing at the wrong advert, They director of that advert was way back. the script was not well done.


2. Nivea Stress Protect Advert.

The cast in that advert doesn’t look like he is in that advert…in-fact when you look at the face of that guy he looks like he is doing a football gear or sports equipments.


3. Airtel  Airtime Bonus.

Calling your mom, and telling them irrelevant stories so that you can earn an extra bonus to call your girlfriend…..that’s so lame and i repeat it again that’s so lame. It doesn’t look like an advert, the budget of that advert was was way beyond budget its like it was done for charity.

4.  Old Mutual Advertisement .

That lady doing the advert is so so mean. you can tell by her face, and that’s come when you think about the customer care.. how will they assist you…will they put that gloomy face…will they assist you in a friendly manner…remember it is insurance you are selling. That’s not a painkiller or a dental thing.


5. Britam Insurance

If i was to give your TV advert a rating score it will be 1 out of 10. All the scenes in that advert don’t make any sense. next time get someone who will get you a good scripting for all your commercial adverts.


What i think about a brand?

I believe that a good brand should be unique and stands out, you should not copy from your other competitor from the colors, design, layout and the logos. Today we normally see copy and paste in all marketing campaigns.





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